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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Making covers for the Journals today

Ready to stitch together....

I like this one...green thread for sure..
time to clean up and take breather....Playing/creating is hard work...

A quickie of the collage papers made this afternoon...

The paper making session was inspired by the collage sketch I did a few days ago.

Not sure if the solid back paper will work, as the one in the sketch is...but I'm giving it a try. Got to make the paper first before I can collage with it. 

Classes are in print now...so exited

Mind, Body and Creative Spirit...see the video 

Artist Way and Collage and the Spirit Animals....both Awesome classes...I can't wait...darn I say I'm really excited to share this with you all.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Coptic Stitch Collage cover Journal

Going through my things in the studio in preparing for the Studio Picks Outdoor Studio Exhibit, I came across the board covers for the journals I prepared with drilled holes.  So I got a folding on my pages and made up groups of signatures to making in to journals.  There are 200 surface pages to write on or do art journaling on. I have a few more to go...

Here is a video I've made awhile back....I believe there is for parts...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

9th Outdoor Studio Exhibit-Studio Picks

Black and White....the beauty with Gray

This is number 5 of the sketches I'm in the process of creating for personal inspiration in other works,  8 more to go but who's counting...?  Me. 

Putting words and numbers in artwork can be fun to do for the artist but then it can be limiting to the amount of viewers.  Because art is so personal for the artist to created and for the collect to own, works like this with the word No many have a harder time finding a home.  

But why would I want to dis it before a larger piece would be created?   just thoughts that run through the head, other's words which when it comes down to the moment that these piece are created it truly is further from my mind.  More so it's about making peace and sense with the inner feelings and the outer circumstances.  The unity, the connections, the simply just making sense of it all. 

I try not to watch the news or listen to it....but it seep in from others opinions about it...What I hear and is it the truth? ....it's to thick to waste time with.   So as I ramble about making sense....I was preparing dinner and brought my sketching paper, magazine, glue stick, sand paper and scissors to the kitchen and pulled the papers of black and white plus others that would fit from my collections of magazine papers. After dinner I sat and did the collage sketch. 

I was thinking of Quads too and what to do differently in these sections, how to keep them separate but yet merge them together.  

Monday, August 14, 2017

So Yesterday afternoon in the studio

This is Lilac Bend
It's a Mini Abstract Landscape I put together yesterday and shot a video while doing.  But the video's got to be load and will be saved for a on line class some day. 

This is another one of my 13 assignment sketches.  I put it together last night.  I do enjoy these ones when you can turn them around after you created them and they would look good upside down too. 

I call it Directional Journey.  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Made a dud today

Been working with this one and just was not happy with the color salmon..though I like the color just not the color combo together..I was challenging myself to pick colors I don't use and put together and well it's a dud...going to live it in the assignment through so I can see what I don't like.  lol. 

A 8 x 8 in process...going to let it dry with the leave stamps on the surface I want to make sure it's dried well as I'll move into glazing next. 
See the finished piece Here