Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Wall, Invited to Exhibit-Nancy Merklings Studio,

The photo I believe was taken by Nancy Merkling and or her team. 

Here are the pieces displayed,  I was wondering about them, I dropped them off on Saturday and I know the team that works with Nancy does a great job.  But I'm so happen to see how it all turned out.  Being I created this series but I never envisioned it's display.  I know when I see it in person it will have a bigger impact but for right now...I'm over joyed.  16 piece in total.  

Monday, April 23, 2018

So this is how it came to be....Hidden Language

The collage started with gestural lines shapes and a layer of Gloss Medium.  When I'm not sure where to start sometimes I introduce myself to the page with mark making. Knowing full well that I'll be covering it up. 

Combining an array of marks and shapes...with an image transfer. I had a piece of tracing paper that I sewed on like a shower curtain. 

This collage is set back into a Wood panel floating.  The gnarly bits are carpet tacks and black waxed book thread. 

Hidden Langauge
12 x 12 
Will be on Display At Starline Factory 2nd floor, Nancy Merklings Studio This Friday Night April 27th,  along with 15 other pieces in this body of work Called "Self - Acceptance" 
There is a $10 person to entry fee, its an amazing event for the whole family, Try not to miss it. 
Things are happening on every floor and some pretty awesome artists studio will be open and plenty of music late into the evening. 

Morning Collage Meditation

This morning I woke up to my pages and journal wrote...this and that...random rants...and so much gratitude. I've been letting things sit for a while...but my heart wants to play around with the shape of the house. 

A square on the bottom and a triangle on top...tall, fat, thin, one or many...So here's a quick little ditty. 

 The weather was so wonderful yesterday for Earth Day. The husband spent it outside digging and turning over and area that was a garden then wasn't and now will be again.  He could have used the little rototiller but decided to do it by hand with a shovel. Meditative that way.  The dogs spent most of the day outside barking at everything. 

In the morning yesterday I pick the rock that said Namaste, a respective greeting. Or it means, "I bow to the God within you," 

Well seeing this rock I went right to yoga thoughts. I've not done yoga in a few to many weeks ago. So Now that the tipi up I brought my lap top out there with my little beginners DVD and did yoga. To my amazement I was able to do all the moves and quite well at that. It felt so good to even do the tree pose. Balance...seeking the inner balance in myself to the outside world is so important these days.  

Well Life is offering us another beautiful get a move on it, 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Relationships -Process

Happy Earth Day 2018, Planning next exhibit

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 

This is a quick image of the field across the street from my home. It's a big cattail basin and its also a place where people feel OK about tossing there trash, though there are some days it's a bit windy and stuff has blown in there from our recycle bins. But every since they dug it deeper and the cattails have grown in the neighborhood seem to care and watches for the trash that builds up. 

I think it was last Tuesday that I went out and cleaned up things as much as possible.  And this is a repeat photo of me getting ready...Nothing special but I see my resemblance of my father in me. 

Dropped off the artwork yesterday in Harvard IL.  That was a road trip because then I stopped by Cheryl's studio and seen the big Mural on the wall...Right by the Fox River, Paramount Theater and the Casino. Pretty cool, there are details that have to be worked wasn't the kindest...but I'm sure it will be looking good shortly. 

All the excitement yesterday I had to lay down and relax a bit...then I was thinking and before I know it had some paper out and was noodling the plans for the Exhibit I was invited to fill in at the Woodridge Public Library. I'll be hanging it May 1st.  
3 rows of 4 panels together both sides and 1 row of 3 panels. 
This might be looking like a retrospect of my work. Lots of panels to fill and grateful for it. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Collage: Sketchbook to Canvas or Wood panels-Dillman's Creative Art Workshops

This year at Dillman's Creative Art Workshops I've have a more direct approach to share. I myself have been using a sketch book for many years to stay on top of my collage game. Mainly I just like to cut, tear, and glue things so I start off with magazines and my sketchbook and have at it. This collage mediation above came from a morning in the woods before the spring burst through the ground with all her grander in green. There were areas of Burnt tall grasses from the field burns, so the dark area represented that.  

After exploring the collage sketch I start to create papers to use and the yellow is a large map that was layered with gesso and acrylics. I love using papers that once were and now become my main source of collage.  After I complete the collage on the wood panels or canvas, I always seem to have extra papers.  

This is a 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper, "Continual Process," before you know it you could have a series growing before your eyes.  Explore the composition and tweaking things here and there. I do enjoy the changes as I work from the collage sketch, This is where it is true- "You have to get out of your own way and let it play out"  

The 5 days at Dillman's this year will allow us to explore quite a few collage sketch and create a palette of papers from our own inspired collage sketches . Inter grading the design aspect all the way through. We will take time to ponder colors, mark making, textures, simple line to the surface of many kinds of paper.  Dillman's is truly a wonderful place for the whole family, dog freely too. Family members not taking the workshop can keep busy Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Antiquing, Golfing, shopping and so much more while you enjoy exploring the multi ways to work mixed media and collage.  

8th Year, Hope to see you there~

Next Friday-4th Friday, Starline Factory, Harvard IL

The Event to be at on April 27th, 2018  4th Friday, $10 at the door See on Facebook 

I will be exhibit a select collection of Collage Work, in Nancy Merkling Studio learning wall on the 2nd Floor. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sanding and bring on the color-Class today

 In the photo, Kathy's hands, Joanne, Sandy, Bonnie and Kenette. 

 Carol's hands, Judy, Gail, and Cindy
 We used maps and applied gesso to the surface, allowing some of the map to show but not all. Gail, Cindy and Jeanmare.
 Bonnie is busy spreading the gesso and Kenette is sanding the magazines.

Judy and Carol...content with their creating..

Questions asked.... Respond so individual

Where, inside you, does your art come from? 

I for one don't think it's been about coming from the inside only...
what if it's a reception of image, sights, sounds and tastes along with touch that kind of 
some up a personal response to a inner and outer parts of us that we then extend outwardly and we problem solve to make it a whole, a piece of our personal reaction and receptors to life. 

This question has been asked in many circles I've been in...and I think what is important is as an artist that you know personally more so then anything else. Do you know where it comes from in you?  Not one right direction answer.  And that's the cool part as we-human being continue to address our life's lessons and propose we grow with this knowing of where it comes from.  

I also think it evolves as we do....Every changing keeping us aware and attuned to our truths as being on this one big good earth....let us continue to creatively be in and on our spiritual journeys. 

Good Paths on this Earth
36 x 36 
Collage on Canvas, 
In honor of Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd