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Monday, May 22, 2017

More papers being made

 Mary Jo

Outside this afternoon working with Nevr Dull and Citra Solv.   This was the hardest day...we are cranking out the papers, all different kinds with different thickness and transparencies. Next thing is coating them.  Weather was a bit chilly with some sprinkles but we had some breaks with sun now and then. What a great bunch of creative souls...good sense of Humor.. so important.

Stained papers First Day

 Today after lunch and the morning demo we stared with a simple sketchbook magazine exercise in our book and then into the Stained tissue papers.

 Pileated  Woodpecker holes  Saw one in the morning walk...so huge and beautiful
Rain a little harder this morning for the walk...but it still was refreshing.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Loaded and ready....well a few more things

I so wished I could take Hank with me but the big boy needs room and with food and clothes there leaves barely any room...but I will have two of my three daughter coming up.  I will see them in the morning hours and after the workshop each day. They get to explore Dillman's and the area..so excited for them.  
My crazy brain wants to bring more...Heck its only 5 days...but I want to show them more and what they can do.  Guess I got to leave it be and let them explore on their own...its better that way. Not sure how my internet service will be so, Up in the Northern Woods...will see what I can show here and there of the workshop. Road Trip and stopping into see my Parents...All great things...Bust'n a Move Baby!!! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Printed Feathers

It's when it happens....I'm the busiest and have much to do and then I have to create....to calm my behind down... I could let this go...I tell you I'm so excited...I've seen painted feathers...what a beautiful site they are...and so hard to paint on.  But when it comes to this layers of random printing and stamping..the little ones in this bottom picture were really messy but then as I started working on the others they got the left over and I like them first.  

I will be hanging the larger ones in my van for sure....OM Gosh People...this so cool. 

and you can scan them and put them in your Collage art...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So excited to see this....

with my feather things this year...look what came to my email box today...well I'm sure it didn't just come to mine...but it was good timing for me to see this.  I will be playing with this idea for sure. I'll be on the hunt for good feathers to use...

Looking into the Future.....

At this point....early morning after morning pages I contemplate my day.  First off being home for the Husband package that is to arrive today and needs a signature.....(oh the things you do for love) and what foods I would like to bring and make up in advance to bring up to Wisconsin.  And the natural anxiety going on about the trip up, and presenting a workshop and trying like to do a good job.

I know that walking is a way for me to release energy that needs a better direction then being bottle up inside me.  Crazy also as it sounds to be working on something else so that I don' t have to say feel the full brunt of it emotional....and it just feels good to redirect.

So I've been working with the people at Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oak Brook IL and setting up some classes. First we need to OK dates and times.

off the pier down by North Shore... 

Here's a line up for ideas

Collage and Spirit Animals

Mind, Body and Creative Spirit -Day Retreat

Artist Way 13 weeks

Vision Board- first Saturday of Jan 2018 

Winter Art Journaling 

and Prayer Flags in March- Day workshop 

This will bring me in to March....

Now to get descriptions and supply list ready...that will have to wait till I get back from Dillman's workshop.  

I would like to engage the creative spirit so this allows people interested to explore a side of themseves that might have been set aside and is crying to come out.

Just like any good business you have to be thinking ahead and looking into the future, for publication, advertising, marketing and to give people enough time to work into their schedules.

At this point I'm winging it all...showing up, putting time and effort in and out there...but like I always share it's like fishing.  You bring your tackle, small bucket to sit on or fold up chair. Possibly you have a snack or a lunch packed and you have your bait on the hook, a bit of bug spray or something to keep the no see'em away. ....good early morning and you cast........a few more times you cast....will you get a bite will you bring home the big one....?

One never knows...sitting in uncertainty isn't all terrible and frightening... But there is no way of knowing what truly will happen.  Putting your trust out there and with faith right along side it is all you got at this point... adjustments...to presentation and listening to you inner guide.

 Rambles about looking into the future...now to get real...bed to be made, body needs to be exercised, dog too and then get on with the day ahead. I'm excited for the line up...This is one place ...just have to keep stress levels in tack and mind with body balanced.... Moving forward, working with purpose and exploring my own creative spirit is the gift I've been given to part of and I'm so thankful for those around me that trust in this process too.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Peaceful Mother Day

Candles...candles...candles and in three months I'll be needing to purchase more candles. So when I was gifted for mothers day with candles I was very excited. It's something I use daily with my morning page in the morning with the quiet of the house still sleeping.

Yesterday Morning I bundled up and sat outside on the back patio area with my candle coffee and morning pages.  No boots or mitten but was bundled up.  I heard the call of a Great Horned owl which tickled my inner nature girl.

All day long I gravitated to the patio...my children are not married and all but one have a boyfriend so we are grand-childless and that's fine. Their making good choices in this world at this time.  Not rush, though the grandparents of these children would like to be great grandparents...it's not happening so we take our luck as it comes.

I read in my book I'm reading now.. Lilypad list, 7 steps to the simple life...which is right on schedule for me and my age...learning how to grow older with grace. I've been blessed with being able to do a whole lot of things I've wanted to do and with extra's too...though the call is one back to some basic stuff.  Keep balance at what every age you are is a daily challenge.  Making some adjustments and stay flexible is a key.

I had not done any sketching of any sort in my chunky art journal so I pulled that out...  Some where in an Old Oprah magazine I found a quote and it said.
 "You will find if you face your fears you will realize they become paper thin" maybe it wasn't Oprah but it was in her magazine and I had cut it out and glued it to a pre-vision board one year.

So here are sketches from my chunky journal

I continue the recording of daily... 

As for the book about 7 steps to the simple life....like it's a easy thing..it's now but I've scored pretty good on the little test she put in there and I'm to make some small adjustment on priorities...Go figure. 

I guess the expectation of this life is at this point I would like to not be governed by the internet and here I am typing my heart out on the blog...silly but it's the way of communication these days. Not all but the quickest.  And as Julia Cameron Said...it's about living a full-time life and that is a goal.  Being more active in live that is lived not witnessing others live theirs.  
 BALANCE is the Key here with all that is Giving, Gathered and Shared. 

Grateful for the peaceful day that was giving to read, sketch and create with not pressures to do it.