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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Yesterday....So proud

 Yesterday early in the morning I head out for a drive to DuPage County Court House on County Farm Road in Wheaton to witness my youngest daughter being sworn in as a probation officer.  She just graduated which I missed the graduation because of workshop I we presenting in Wisconsin so I'm so lucky I didn't miss this part.  She did her internship there and they said it's been along time since they hired an intern...

The Husband came home and we went for a birthday dinner...I had thought I wanted steak but saw the shrimp and changed my mind...checked my emails before heading to bed and found out "Standing Reputation" will have a new home in San Diego....Chatted with my parents, my mother in law and mom...what a perfect day...

Friday, June 16, 2017

How things unfold....

We the "Book Club Artists's" just received our postcards and we are gathering our work, getting it ready for this exhibit that unfolded with the guidance our Curator Dorothy Bury Shaw.  Our group is formed of creative souls in all mediums, from poetry to watercolors, mixed media, collage, acrylic painting, assemblage, drawing/inks/colored pencils, oils and sculpture.  We gathering monthly for support and discussion we started with our first book Studio Stories by Lauren Rader, we enjoyed the chapters greatly...

Dorothy afforded us all the opportunity exhibit in her time slot at If These Walls Could Talk Gallery and Frame shop. Uncertain about how it would all turn out we said "Yes lets do this" Then a Name for our group need to be established and with all that creative minds together we settled on the most simplest..."Book Club Artists...because that who we are...

We recently watch the Documentary, "Who Does She Think She is?"  Was really good to see this together.

Our inspiration is unified sharing as artist on our journeys through life at all stages of being artist, women and spiritual beings. This quote describes our thoughts every so simply.

"Art is a portal. Through it we can explore these mysterious depths, see the beauty of our world more clearly, understand ourselves and other more deeply, and realize the gift of our individuality. Like walks along the river, making art is a journey of illumination and possibility, pregnant with potential for ourselves, those we touch, and ultimately, beyond."

 We are now currently ready "Art and Fear" together...

Our opening for this exhibit will be Friday July 7th from 7-11pm If you get a chance do stop by or though the Month of July  "the diversity will be astonishing."

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Interesting Luncheon

Today I took a gamble went to the Darien Chamber Luncheon with Westmont and Lisle. I wasn't sure what to prepared for but so happy I had a handful of business cards and practice my elevator speech.  As I signed up I thought wow I'm a business and I pay my taxes and I have something offer to the community so that's good right?

Well I'm happy I went, got me out of my comfort zone and in a place of possibilities.  What possibilities I don't know but I'm making connections and gather business cards too.

Got some helpful hints from the Publisher of the DuPageNeighbor.com  and it was interesting to hear how other business not related to art get the marketing and stuff happening for them.  All I know is I'm in a good place, a manageable place that is and grateful.

Lunch was good and it was at Chuck's on South Cass Ave.

So off to add new emails to my email list...

Paw Photo

This is Gracie, paw pose, 5mo old ...no weight on them...when she walks their even bigger.  I'm sap for big dogs...

And he's our elder fella, Hank...resting he likes to lay on the bricks...silly guy but them must bring comfort for him. 

when Hank was a puppy stretched out on the Couch...yes the Couch...we're dog people so this comes with the territory when you have big dogs. Heck he can just back up and sit his hinny on the couch like a person if he wanted.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

After a Morning Walk

We've been working with walking on leash, and not pulling...there's a natural tendency to do this because of the obsessiveness to follow a scent. We are doing well...though I have to walk Hank our big guy first then I walk Gracie...we don't walk together yet.

Time to get back into some art though...or clean that studio what motivates me to start new projects...I have so many demo's piece I've not finished because of time but now I can do that.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Printing MCS meeting

 Ginni Guzior was our workshop/demo presenter yesterday.  Geli plates, Gelatin plates and what every else we could find to use a plate and print from using the layers of stencils. Ginni is a Book maker, art teachers and jewelry maker.  It was a fun time.

Of course I was playing with feathers again...got some ideas to attach them to the drum or the drum sticks.   Off today to work on a Moose hide drum the last of the three to make.  And then on to a book I want to write... on blurb.  Putting it out there before the cart...a bit scary but it's good to have some plans and put things in motion.